wooden magnifying glass necklace

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wooden magnifying glass necklace

Kids love exploring and want a closer look at everything! This magnifying glass necklace is going to be their best friend to help them see nature a little closer.

Magnifying glass pendant is ~2.5" diameter, 0.5" thick. Made of buttery white maple wood, it houses real glass (yes real glass, not plastic!) 15mmx50mm focal length magnifying glass. It is hung using organic cotton cord. Finished with beeswax and olive oil. It comes beautifully presented in a little gift box.

The cord is 18" and left open so you can trim to your little one's size. Glass is sandwiched between the wood and secured with non toxic food grade glue. No edges are exposed.

There are so many uses for this beautiful magnifying glass necklace..

- Start a fire by focusing the sunlight
- explore nature
- Reading fine print
- Looking up something on a map

It is a great gift for the little naturalist or an outdoor/bushcraft person in your life! This handy magnifying glass is a great companion for reading too, when you need a little help from reading glasses.

Ages: 6+ The cord is a strangulation hazard.