ten frame with number tracing board

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ten frame with number tracing board
ten frame with number tracing board

Ten frames are a great way to introduce number concepts for kids. They grasp the concept of counting quickly with all the songs and stories that incorporate numbers. 

This board will aid in that but also grow with them when they are ready to start learning to recognize the numbers and associate it with their respective quantity. 

Re-enforce the concepts of quantity and how to write that number with repetition. This board beautifully and brilliantly combines these two activities to aid in counting, addition, subtraction and learning to write 1-10.

Made of buttery white maple hardwood. It measure roughly 7x7". The holes will cradle 1" balls comfortably. I chose 1" balls as that is a perfect size for the little hands to easily grasp and manipulate.

If you already have some balls, you can get just the board or get it with 10 wool balls (one color, if you want 2 colors, 5 balls each or more balls, please let me know).


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